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Foreign Trade Specialist

Job Description:

1. Responsible for the operation of the Alibaba International Site store, including product listing and updates, ensuring the smooth operation of the store account.

2. In charge of daily marketing activities on the Alibaba International Site, including optimizing show windows, P4P promotions, registering for official scene marketing events,

3. Responsible for following up inquiries and orders on the Alibaba International Site, statistics on overall site data, detecting the latest industry trends and market dynamics,

4. Responsible for the construction and operation of the company’s related platforms, such as YouTube.



1. At least one year of experience in operating and managing foreign trade platforms such as the Alibaba International Site.

2. Able to interact and communicate effectively with international clients.

3. Understanding of the full foreign trade operation process, including quotation, freight, and foreign exchange settlement.

4. Familiar with software such as PS for image processing, able to independently design and process images and edit videos.

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